Conception: A Love Child

The term “globalsexual” was originally defined in 2006 by journalist JoAnn DeLuna. The term first appeared in Texas-based City Pages magazine in 2008 in an article written by DeLuna discussing the differences in dating cultures between America, Europe and the UK.

A globalsexual is:

“[A] person who has relations with people from different parts of the world and who in turn contributes to the spread of globalization by encountering and experiencing other cultures, and consequently spreads his or her own culture with every flirt, every stare, every wink, every pick-up line, every date, every hug, every kiss, every sexual and non-sexual encounter and every intimate relationship or friendship that develops.

“Globalsexuality is comparable to the concept that the best way to learn a foreign language is to sleep with it (perhaps this simply means listening to tapes while sleeping and not actually ‘sleeping with it?’). One of the best and fastest ways to get to know a culture is to date it (which can in turn lead to ‘sleeping with it’). It’s one of the best culture ‘tours’ you can experience. You can’t get this from any Lonely Planet travel guide.”

In May 2008 DeLuna and fellow friend, classmate, journalist and globalsexual Emily Drew decided to create “ for people who get around, a blog capturing the same concept, initiative and spirit as the City Pages article in order to discuss the cultural, political and health issues associated with sex in the face of globalization in an informative, candid and fun manner. Ultimately — the most appropriate way to educate people about sex!

NOTE: is NOT a diary nor confessional of Emily and JoAnn’s own personal lives. Don’t worry ex-boyfriends, etc., you will not see your names on this site — no matter how good you were.

5 Responses to “Conception: A Love Child”

  1. Globosexuality really does exist!!! (great term btw!!) I have learnt it from self experience, coming from a culturally and intellectually inspiring but self-destructively depressive Eastern-European country. Once having felt the urge to get out from it and experience more, something started with internationalism. I never knew how to put it, how to call it, but thinking back on my past few years, once it starts, there is no end to it. I cannot even imagine now to utter “those words” in my native tongue… but this is more than sexuality, for me this means globoexistence, globothinking, globofriendship, globoheart… and so on… well, a great idea for starting up this blog, guys, my eyes are with you from Hungary…

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  5. globosexuals Says:

    It does exist! It just didn’t have a name until now!

    Thanks for reading and posting Etus!
    I’ve never been to Eastern Europe so you will definitely have to tell us about the sexual culture in Hungary. I’m very interested to know!

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