LAUNCHING in NOVEMBER!, is a globetrotter’s guide for the latest information on travel, sex and fun — no matter who you’re… courting — will be LAUNCHING IN NOVEMBER! will discuss all aspects of sex in a global context, with an emphasis on sexual health to keep you informed on the ins and outs of sex — pun intended.

Keep checking back with as we delve into the following:

News: Sex news from around the world.
Features: The stuff that’s not news.
Sexual Health: It’s not enough to know how to avoid getting STDs (although that is VERY important); it’s also knowing how to increase your libido, sexercise, hygiene for those hard to reach places, recognizing sexual dysfunctions and simply — how to enjoy sex!
Product Reviews: Sexual toys, lubes and condoms will be reviewed — ALL in the name of journalism.
Trade School: The sign of a wise (wo)man is when one can admit they do not know anything — but we do know everything and are willing to share that knowledge with you (thank you, European Commission).
Dirty Mattress: Sex books/reads to buy anonymously online and keep hidden underneath your mattress, as opposed to the living room bookshelf — unless you’re purposely trying to brag about your sexual knowledge (nobody likes a show-off).
Poll Dancing: “Circumcised vs. Uncircumcised” and other timeless debates — where you readers get to vote!
Sexcapades: Readers anonymously (or not) submit their most amusing sex stories.
Textual Relationships: Readers submit their naughtiest text messages or drunken phone messages sent or received. Come on, text dirty to me baby!
The Gallery: Yeah it’s porn, but we’re calling it “art,” dammit!
Globosexual of the Week: This person embodies the essence of “globosexuality.” This person is a world traveler. He or she exudes “sex” physically, emotionally or mentally. The person is in touch with his or her own sexuality as well as the sexuality of others. This sexpert is not selfish in bed. The Globosexual of the week is not intimidated by the sexual customs or traditions of other cultures, but is open to them and embraces them; he or she is willing to try everything at least once — or at the very least does not deride others for their sexual preferences. This sex god or goddess understands that it’s not only the size of the loaf, but how you butter the toast that matters. Ok, so this person is a big slut.
Mix Tape: The tracks to get you in the mood. By the end, we should have a pretty good sound track to love making — no need for repeat!

One Response to “ LAUNCHING in NOVEMBER!”

  1. […] For that reason, Zaidi is the “Globosexual of the month.“ […]

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