POLL DANCING: Who has the best sex?

Once you travel beyond the bedrooms of your own country, you start to make nationalistic generalizations about sexual prowess.

Men’s Health in the US says Brits have the best sex, citing the oral skills of British men (who knew?).

Durex says it’s the Greeks — 87% report weekly bouts.

The most extensive study we can find, however, shows that the most satisfied in the sack are actually Austrians aged 40-80.

The survey asked 300,000 people in 29 countries about their emotional and physical satisfaction in relationships and their ability in bed.  The survey was conducted by doctors, sexologists, and other medical professionals.
“Middle-aged and older people in Western countries were the first to take the contraceptive pill, challenge the institution of marriage and campaign for women’s rights, and now they are continuing to reap the benefits of the sexual revolution,” China Daily reported.

Coincidentally, they’re also the first set to enjoy the magic pill of geriatric love, Viagra, whose maker, Pfizer, financed the study.

We love that this study gives us so much to look forward to — the golden years AND that trip to Vienna we’ve been meaning to take.  And we also love the report’s conclusion: the higher the levels of gender equality in a country, the better the sex.



We’re taking votes!  People over 40 apparently have the best sex lives, but the surveys don’t ask about international love.

2 Responses to “POLL DANCING: Who has the best sex?”

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  2. […] it just may be true that size doesn’t matter. In November Globosexuals reported the Greeks had the most sex according to a Durex poll. Perhaps the Greeks should consider moving […]

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