Your SEXperts

Ok, so we’re not experts on sex, but we’re trained journalists who can speak with experts to get you answers.

Emily Drew and JoAnn DeLuna bonded while waiting for bus 11 on Park Alle in Aarhus, Denmark, back in 2006. Random, we know — but not so random considering how incredibly small Aarhus is. It turned out Emily and JoAnn were not only (1) both Americans (Pennsylvania and Texas respectively), (2) part of the same master’s program (Erasmus Mundus Journalism and Media within Globalisation: The European Perspective), (3) living in the same student housing (Skejbyparken), (4) both lots of fun individually and together — but they had (5) both (ironically) considered becoming nuns at some point in their lives. It was friendship at first confession.

While studying, living, dining, exploring Europe and partying together, both women quickly noticed the differences in dating and sexual cultures not only between Americans and Europeans, but also between their multicultural classmates, who represented journalists from 19 different countries of varying ages, religions, perspectives and sexualities. Much to the dread of some, the conversation at the many dinner parties thrown would inevitably turn to the topic of sex. I think it’s safe to say they all learned something from each other — in particular how uneducated some individuals can be about safe sex practices despite their high levels of education. In essence, this blog is an effort to continue those educational dinner party discussions. Cheers!

Emily has been published in more than 14 countries in magazines including Marie Claire, Maxim and Men’s Health. JoAnn currently lives and works as a freelance journalist in London writing for several publications in the UK and Texas.

One Response to “Your SEXperts”

  1. Salut JoAnn! I’m taking a break from studying. Good to hear from you 😉 Good stuff on here!

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