POLL DANCING: Would you freak if your partner had slept with more people than you?

How many people have you slept with?”

That dreaded question we all want to ask, but don’t necessarily want to answer ourselves.

Durex asked precisely that question for their annual Sexual Wellbeing global survey for 2007/2008 and revealed:

  • Austrians topped the list by having the most sexual partners. Austrian men averaged 29 lovers, while women reported an average of 17. (The survey did not distinguish between heterosexual or homosexual activity).

  • New Zealand was the only country where the women’s average outnumbered the male’s, with 20 sexual partners compared to 17 for men.

  • The Chinese had the least reported partners, with an average of four for men, and two for women.

  • The survey’s global averages totaled:

    • an average of 13 females for heterosexual males

    • an average of 7 for heterosexual women

    • 108 males partners for homosexual males

    • 11 partners for homosexual women

The United States National Center for Health Statistics asked 6,237 American adults aged 20 to 59 years of age from 1999 to 2002. In June 2007, NCHS released their “Drug Use and Sexual Behaviors Reported by Adults” report and concluded the following:

  • Seven was the average number of women men reported having slept with in a lifetime.

  • While four was the average number of men that women reported sleeping with.

  • 29% of men reported having 15 or more female sexual partners in a lifetime.

  • Compared to only 9% of women reporting 15 or more sexual partners in a lifetime.

  • The report did not include any statistics on homosexual activity.

In 2007 the British Sexual Fantasy Research Project conducted a study on 13,553 Britons and discovered that:

  • British men reported having sex with an average of 15.64 women during a lifetime (“sex” defined as oral, vaginal, or anal sex).

  • While British women reported having sex with an average of 14.56 in a lifetime.

  • British female homosexuals reported sexual contact with 1.61 other women a lifetime.

  • British male homosexuals reported sexual contact with 7.46 other men.

A benefit of your partner having had many partners is that he or she will most likely be experienced in bed and therefore be more likely to know how to please you. Your partner may also be more open to trying new things and you might learn a thing or two about improving your bedroom techniques. Scientifically, it may even be beneficial to have multiple partners to obtain genetic benefits, as in the case of the hide beetle.

I realize we’re not beetles, and as humans we are emotional beings. So it may be intimidating to think that you won’t be able to satisfy or live up to your partner’s past experiences — not to mention the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease also increases as the number of sexual partners increases.

But it’s all relative, isn’t it? What is considered “a lot” of partners — and compared to whom?
On that note… we bring you this week’s poll of the week:
– JD

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