NEWS: Media Whores

Complete media whores.  That’s what we think of Doug and Annie Brown, a couple who vowed to have 101 nights of sex in a row, and in return got a book deal, a movie option, and a few clips on Fox News, not to mention an undisclosed number of orgasms.

We’re happy this couple had 101 nights of sex, but are appalled that it’s seen as a novel accomplishment.  Who wouldn’t want to have 101 consecutive days of sex?  Why won’t someone give us a book deal and a movie option for doing that?

Apparently, consecutive nights of sex are not so common as we would like.  Thirty-somethings have sex, on average, 86 times per year.  Forty-somethings have sex 69 times per year, according to FoxSexpert Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright.

(Dr. Fulbright, we’re a fan, and we believe you’re a true globosexual, but really: Fox News?  How un-sexy can you get and still be considered a sexpert?)


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