Last month I attended Found magazine’s first-ever European Tour. How does a Chicago-based magazine go on tour — successfully — you ask? Here’s how.

(1) Spend seven years collecting discarded, lost, left behind, scraps of paper most people wouldn’t bother with. These can include anything from love letters, break up letters, to-do lists, to-NOT-do lists, applications to secret tree house clubs for 8-year-olds, rejection letters for unemployment benefits, handwritten signs, receipts, drawings, Polaroids, notes passed in class — anything goes.

(2) Spread the word so that other people from around the US start sending you stuff.

(3) Publish these items in five magazines and five books.

(4) Don’t stop there. Put that stuff on t-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, greeting cards — let them inspire catchy songs.

(5) Add a sword swallower — but not just any sword swallower — the youngest, sword swallower.

(6) Read the stuff you’ve found to people at pubs, schools, churches, and bookstores throughout America and Europe.

Bam, instant hit. It’s real, it’s harsh, it’s emotional, nostalgic, voyeuristic — and all very funny.

So what’s the Globoalsexual connection, you ask?

Well, they also have Dirty Found magazine, which is the same idea — but a lot more visual, sleazier, raunchier, and pornographic!

It’s just the right read to keep under your dirty mattress. Unfortunately these guys have left Europe, but I don’t doubt they’ll be back soon.  


– JD

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