MIX TAPE: Electric Feel by MGMT

Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT.

Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT.



We couldn’t agree more: the world is for making electricity. 

This has been one of our favorite songs for the last several months. It’s global (“western front” and “Amazon” are in the first lines), and it’s sexual. 

We first heard about MGMT
on the Mystery Jets’ blog. The Mystery Jets praised MGMT for Time to Pretend. We had heard Electric Feel before, but had assumed it was a remake of an old ‘70s song.

If you have the patience, click here to see the high resolution video. It’s definitely worth the 5-minute-wait it takes to download. And catch the high-res version of Time to Pretend while you’re at it.

Favorite line: “Standing there with nothing on, she gonna teach me how to swim.”
Listening suggestion: Blast it loudly and wet.

 – JD 

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