SEXcapades: Bathroom Aides

As promised, stories from you — our sexiful readers.
This saucy SEXcapade was submitted by Krystal, a 25-year-old Senior Account Executive hailing from Houston, Texas. Krystal has traveled to Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, England, Sctoland, Wales, France, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Germany, Greece, Switzerland and Czech Republic. She said her favorite man to sleep with, thus far, happens to be Moroccan. “Sooo passionate,” she said about her boyfriend. Lets read what she had to say.
“Germany is by far my most, favoritest country to date. Not solely because of the story I’m about to recount, but because of other things…

“I was in Munchen with our study abroad group, spending the night. Six of us from the group, decided to venture off into the city and see what trouble we can get into. We’re walking down the strip and start asking around for the ‘hot clubs’ to go to. We end up at this AMAZING dance club along with two new additions to the group (we love strangers :). We get drinking and dancing all over the place. Naturally, I find the cutest Italian guy within a group of six (as they normally travel). We get to dancing…kissing… the alcohol is kicking in, as well as the energy of the club. The sweat, the dancing — the freedom — this place exudes is pumping through every inch of us…

“I head to the ladies room and my Italian follows. I don’t mind and grab his arm, dragging him into the stall with me. We’re making out in the stall as the bass thumps so hard through the bathroom that I can barely hear him when he whispers to me, ‘Let me lick you.’

“I pull back shocked, because — let’s be honest — I’m used to American guys who aren’t exactly volunteers for the deed. I look at him… he kneels in front of me and reaches for my pants begging “Pleeeease?” I stop him because, although 95% of me is ready to get down (pun intended), that remaining 5% starts to think of the negatives of the situation. What if someone comes in? Then I thought, ‘Seriously — ‘what if someone comes in’— is the ONLY thing holding you back?!?! Come on! — Why not?’

“So the 95% was upgraded to 100% and I dropped ‘em to let him do what he was at that moment BEGGING me to let him do.

“And it was perfect.

“Well, perfect for that moment considering the circumstances and my having to stand through it all — but still pretty pleasing.

“After that, we ran back to the dance floor to continue our dancing-drinking frenzy, left around 4 a.m., climbed a scaffold, ran through a water fountain and parted ways. I don’t remember his name, but I do have the memory of his face begging me in the bathroom stall…

“Ahhh, I love Italians!”

Thank you Krystal, for sharing your scandalous bathroom experience with us, your fellow Globosexuals. Bathroom stalls can be quite fun but, challenging in terms of space. We think you managed the situation very well. You’ve proved that a dance is just a dance. And YES, we do love Italians too.
– JD

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