POLL DANCING: Would you reconsider marrying your partner if you discovered they were not a virgin?



UK-based The Sun Newspaper reported that a man had his marriage annulled after discovering his wife was not a virgin. The unnamed man’s lawyer said, “The question is not one of virginity. The question is one of lying.”




Makes one wonder if the man would have ended the marriage had he discovered his new bride lied about something else, like perhaps that she was not a real blond or if she had lied about her age?


We’re thinking not.


The couple is reported as Muslim, but let us put religion aside for a moment.


Now, part of being a Globosexual is about all types of global relationships in general, as well as sexual ones. Perhaps some of you readers feel that sex is something that should be done only within the confines of marriage. This does not exclude you from being a Globosexual.

This brings us to this week’s poll:

– JD



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