TRAVELING: Heathrow Terminal Indicator



Morning sex is always such a pleasurable way to start the day. But how many times has morning sex made you late for an appointment, late for work or made you miss your flight?


Perhaps a solution can be to simply plan ahead by leaving enough time for a morning romp.  But that’s no fun. It loses the spontaneity of the matter and you lose sleep. Well, London’s Heathrow airport may be able to help if you’re running late, you haven’t had a chance to check what terminal (one, two, three, four or five) your flight is departing from and if you’re already riding the Piccadilly Underground line on the way to the airport.


By simply texting 6422 with your flight number from your mobile phone, you will get a reply message noting your terminal while you’re riding the tube (wait to text until you’re above ground, naturally). You will also continue to receive any flight updates until your flight departs. The cost is the normal price your phone company charges you for sending a text message. This can vary if you’re not from the UK


We’re sure we’re not the only ones excited about this. It’s always a pain figuring out (at the last minute) at which terminal to stop. When I went to Texas in late September, this was a time saver. As many people catching flights from London, I normally try to book flights leaving from Heathrow Airport as the Piccadilly Underground line takes you straight there for a mere £4 to £5 with an Oyster travel card if you’re departing from central London.


This is in comparison to purchasing a £12 coach ticket or spending up to £30 for a round trip train ticket to get to Gatwick.


Or, compared to spending £11 pounds for a train or coach to get to Luton.   


Now there’s even more incentive to book flights departing from Heathrow.

Think how great this would be if other airports around the world applied a similar technique.


Simply brilliant. 


– JD


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