MIX TAPE: Spiraling


Keane performs at 227 in London, on December 16, 2008. Photo by JoAnn DeLuna.

Keane performs at 227 in London, on December 16, 2008. Photo by JD.

We realize we’re on a rock binge, we know. But the genre’s drums are just so… pounding, and perfect for love making, how could we not be…

For this Thursday’s Globosexual Mix Tape selection, we’ve chosen Keane’s song “Spiraling” from their album Perfect Symmetry released this year.
We love how the song starts on an energized, “OOOooo!” That’s always fun and makes our lips pucker and perfect for kissing. The beats and rhythms themselves sound like a spiral, making us envision two naked bodies intertwined, rolling around, kissing at every revolution.With lyrics like, “Tied up to the ground” and “I’m waiting for my moment to come,” the song instantly works the mind into a sexual frenzy, even if Keane did not mean it sexually. It also has worldly references with lyrics such as “The map of my world gets smaller.” We’re sure you feel the same the more you date, as the chances to bump into Ex’s in various parts of the world increases. Don’t you just hate when that happens?   


Favorite Line: “Cold like some magnificent skyline; Out of my reach but always in my eyeline.”
Listening suggestion: Dizzy, under a spinning disco ball making magenta, turquoise, mustard and green patterns on the walls. OOOooo!






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