SEXUAL HEALTH: Outdoor condom dispensers

Being the Globosexual that you are, you’re no stranger to  late-night booty calls. And a true Globosexual is always prepared.
However, everyone has encountered the unexpected-last-minute-I-honestly-didn’t-think-I-was-going-to-get-laid-tonight episodes which catch you unprepared and without a condom at the bottom of your bag, pocket or drawer. Or perhaps the packet of three simply wasn’t enough and you need more. (You tiger you, rrrraar.)
Being the true Globosexual that you are, you also know sex without any sort of protection is not an option. So, you quickly put your clothes back on (inside out) and anxiously march down to the nearest corner store to buy some — ONLY to encounter no stores open at 3 or 4 in the morning (cough, Denmark, cough). Nightmare.

Fortunately, the French have solved this blue-balls-causing dilemma by introducing outside condom dispensers.



Fleur pretending to buy a condom in Lille in the afternoon.

Fleur pretending to buy a condom in Lille in the afternoon. Photo by JD.

I made a video interview with a native Frenchie, Fleur (pictured above), who so beautifully explains the reasons and benefits of these outside dispensers in her lovely French accent — but WordPress says there are security issues when I try to upload the video. Bummer.

When asked why there are condom dispensers on the streets of France, Fleur said, “Simply because most of the people here feel very uncomfortable to go inside the pharmacy to ask for condoms.” She further explains that a comical French commercial was made acknowledging this common dilemma of having to purchase condoms in front of a line/queue of people.

“When you’re in the pharmacy, when there is a queue and you arrive and ask, ‘Can I have some condoms please?’ Everyone can notice that you’re going to fuck.”

Yes, that can be embarrassing. Comedian Tom Green once made a video explaining that very embarrassment. Of course, it’s better to suffer the embarrassment of buying condomns, than suffering the embarrassment of having to later go to a clinic and telling the doctor you had unprotected sex. At least these outside dispensers help.

And most importantly, “At least here [people are] free to get condoms at night.”

Gotta love the French.

  – JD


Condom dispensers stand outside a pharmacy in Lille, France. Photo by JD.

Condom dispensers stand outside a pharmacy in Lille, France. Photo by JD.


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