These voyeuristic shots were taken by our much loved graphic designer and friend, Wael Morcos. Wael lives and works in Bierut, Lebanon, and shares a blog with two other Lebanese designers 

Naturally, he also takes photographs.

The first shot is of his cousin as she cleaned the table and was unaware her cousin was photographing her. She probably still has no idea Wael took the photo. We like this piece because it’s quite sexy. The black and white works very well. The fact that she’s bent over, wearing lace stocking (are those thigh-high stockings we see peeking?), a short, silky dress at an outside family gathering – even the fact that it’s a family member – conjures up so many possible scenarios. Her slightly raised, tipped up leg is also very feminine. Even if her head had been in the shot, we probably would only remember her legs.  


Wael's cousin cleaning the table, unaware Wael was taking a photo. Photo by Wael Morcos


The second shot, Wael said he was taking a “contre-plongee” shot (a tilt-up shot) when a woman rudely got right in front of his face and camera without realizing (or perhaps without caring) to take a photo of her son (“the demon in the right” as Wael referred to him).

"And she posed" by Wael Morcos

"And she posed," by Wael Morcos.


We love the angle of the photo, the proximity of her ass to the camera, the awkwardness of her leg posture, the height of her heels and the length of her skirt. Everything together works to create an anxious, unsteady feel, as if you know you should be there, you shouldn’t be looking, but again, you can’t look away.  


– JD







 "And she posed" by Wael Morcos

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