POLL DANCING: Have you ever slept with a co-worker after a Christmas office party?


Christmas party mishaps.

Christmas party mishaps.


In Denmark, they roll out the “Julebus,” or Christmas bus, to offer passengers an extra hour of partying and the opportunity to still get home on the bus until 4 a.m. (Don’t mind the bad Google Translation.)


In London, medics set up a field hospital in Liverpool station for the entire month of December leading up to Christmas to treat revellers who have had too much to drink.


In the US, more police patrol the streets to catch drunk drivers.


Yup, it’s that time again, Christmas, which means many Christmas work parties and many opportunities to overdo it on the booze, do incredibly stupid things in front of your co-workers (that seem like great ideas at the time) and regret the next morning as your nurse your hangover.


If you’re an expat, no doubt you may be surprised at the differences in work and drinking cultures. A friend who works for a newswire in the UK, recently told me an amusing story about one of his British colleagues who was in America during the office Christmas party time. Naturally he was invited to the American party. He learned the hard way that Americans don’t drink as much as the British do… he ended up drinking excessively, calling his boss a “cunt” and ended up in AA meetings. Culture differences at it’s best!


So for this week’s Poll, we ask you:


– JD


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