Muntader al-Zaidi. Photo by the Associated Press
Muntader al-Zaidi. Photo by the Associated Press

He may not be sleeping with women from around the world (at least not yet), but journalist Muntader al-Zaidi’s image and actions have had global resonance. His actions are seen as symbolic and a physical expression for what many adamantly request: an American withdraw from Iraq.

For that reason, Zaidi is the “Globosexual of the month.

The New York Times reported that on Sunday night, the Arab journalist for Al Baghdadia Iraqi television station hurled his shoes. at American President George Bush during a news conference with Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki in Bagdad, Iraq, and called him “a dog.” Both actions are seen as a “supreme insult” in Iraq as they represent that which is worst than filth. 

Although many around the world rejoiced Zaidi’s actions and hailed him as a hero, many Arabs were also disappointed as they said the journalist’s actions went against the tradition of respecting visitors even if they are enemy’s.

On a related note, NYT writer Johh Kenney wrote an opinion piece discussing the different forms of insults from around the world. He notes that in France they throw waffles; in Chad, Africa, they throw pants; in the former Soviet Union they throw American tanks; in Peru they throw their voices; and lastly, in Bhutan they throw colored tissue paper as a form of insult.  

 – JD

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