MIX TAPE: Una linea de luz

Kinky, the band; not the sexual characteristic.

Kinky, the band; not the sexual characteristic.

The name of the band is enough to get us riled up, “Kinky.”

Una linea de luz” (A line of light), is the second single from Kinky’s third full album, Reina (Queen), released in 2006 and re-released again in 2008, which is when I first discovered the song (it takes longer for North American music to hit Europe).

The bilingual, electro-rock band from Monterrey, Mexico, is notorious for mixing magic realism into their lyrics and adding electric accordions for a sound that’s as pleasing to the ear as it is to your other senses. For that reason “Una linea de luz” is this Thursday’s Mix Tape hit.

The song poetically tells of the narrator’s daunting task of climbing a woman’s body like a ladder, beginning at her feet. Every part of her body is a step that gets him closer to the source of light he seeks. The only direction is this line of light leading him to the woman’s “cueva” (nest) that’s hidden in her “calor” (heat). Or, to state the obvious, her vagina.

In the  practice of  double entendre that Mexicans are notorious for, the way the song is sung also tells the story of climax that’s obvious in the lyrics and especially when lead singer Gilberto (Gil) Cerezo slows down slightly and thrusting-ly sings the line, “Y seguir, y seguir, por mi subir” (And to continue, and continue with my ascend).

Goodness; it’s hot in here.

The video on the other hand, simply does not do the lyrics justice.

Favorite Line: “escurrirme como reptil” (wring me out like a reptile).
Listening suggestion: On giant cold, flat rocks in the woods near a running stream.

– JD

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