POLL DANCING: Do you prefer a circumcised or uncircumcised penis?

An Israeli, a Spaniard and a Texican walked into a bar…

Well, not exactly. An Israeli, a Spaniard and myself were drinking at home after Christmas Eve dinner when the subject of circumcised vs. uncircumcised penises came up (as always when a group of gals from different parts of the world get together).

The subject is never exhausted and a consensus is never reached.

I’ve been pro-circumcision ever since seeing a picture of an uncircumcised penis in my Social Psychology and Human Sexuality book in college, circa 2002. It just did not look appealing nor like any of the penises I had encountered in pictures, films, in person, as dildos etc. before. Until then I had never been exposed to an uncircumcised penis (and after seeing that, I didn’t want to be). This may have something to do with the fact that most North American men are circumcised (much to the surprise of many non-North American citizens). After being in Europe for a while… I’m not so picky, but I do have a preference.

A poll taken between 1993 and 1996 revealed that the US was “the last medically-advanced nation to persist in circumcising most of its boys for no therapeutic or religious reason.” Other facts from the report published in 1999 included:

  • About 60% of males living in the US were circumcised
  • In 1970, the average for circumcised men was approximately 80%
  • An estimated 650 million males worldwide have been genitally altered
  • An estimated 100 million females worldwide have been genitally altered
  • Over 1.25 million infants are circumcised annually in the US, which is one child every 26 seconds.
  • 1/3 of circumcised men were unaware they were circumcised

I tried finding the latest US statistics, but I’ve found various estimates ranging from 30% to 65%. Circumcision rates are said to have droped because of immigrants from Asian and Latin American countries where cicumcision is not the norm, according to the Associated Press. Globally, an estimated 30% of men are circumcised, according to the World Health Organization’s 2007 report.

In class I also learned that uncircumcised men are more susceptible to carrying and passing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) as they can more easily carry viruses underneath their foreskin. Uncircumcised men also often develop smegma, or what my Finnish friend refers to as “dick cheese,” if men do not properly clean underneath their foreskin. Circumcision, therefore, facilitates hygiene. A recent study also revealed that “being circumcised significantly reduced the risk of HIV infection in heterosexual African American men known to have been exposed to the virus.”

The MayoClinic.com also lists other benefits to circumcision:

  • Decreases risk of urinary tract infections for infants
  • Prevention of penile problems
  • Decreased risk of penile cancer

Some argue that circumcising a baby is cruel and unnecessary. However, Circinfo.net, a website dedicated to educating people about circumcision, states that anesthesia can be used in order to prevent pain. It further notes that “no difference in developmental and behavioral indices between circumcised and uncircumcised males.”

A main argument against circumcision is the loss of sensation men may experience once the foreskin is removed. A study by Masters & Johnson (William Masters and Virginia E. Johnson), pioneers in human sexuality and founders of the Masters & Johnson Institute in 1978, concluded that there is “no difference in penile sensitivity between circumcised and uncircumcised men. [And] sexual pleasures also appears to be about the same.” Circinfo.net also notes that some men complain that their penises are too sensitive and therefore seek circumcision to relieve the pain. Furthermore, “A diminishing sensitivity is in fact desired by many men and women in order to prolong the sex act by preventing premature ejaculation.”

Circumcision is a good thing.

Ok, so if you simply cannot live without your foreskin or you’re wondering what it feels like to have foreskin because you were too young to remember the last time you did, I recently read in Scarlet magazine that Viafin-Atlas makes SenSlip, an artificial retractable foreskin for circumcised men. 




The SenSlip on a penis. www.senslip.com

The SenSlip on a penis. http://www.senslip.com

Regardless of what I think, we’d like to know what you think! So for this week’s Poll of the week, we ask:

  – JD



44 Responses to “POLL DANCING: Do you prefer a circumcised or uncircumcised penis?”

  1. In Holland we have a saying.

    “You can’t compare appels to pears.”

  2. globosexuals Says:

    Hi! Thanks for taking the time to comment. And by the way–I LOVE Holland!!!

    I don’t think its comparing apples to pears, as it is comparing a banana to a peeled banana…. it’s just easier to eat.

  3. If your in Holland, who cares, all that matters is the tastey treat that awaits !

  4. globosexuals Says:

    Yes Sam, I agree.
    The Dutch are on average the tallest people in the world and the men are also, uhem, very proportional (on average).

  5. globosexuals Says:

    To continue on the subject…

    I was speaking to a young woman last night who was born in the USSR, but grew up in Germany and now lives in London. I was explaining the blog to her–and again, the topic of circ vs. uncirc came up and she said that it was her experience that “circumsized guys last longer.”

    Just something to take into consideration…

  6. Thank you for the helpful information. I bookmarked your site, and I hope you keep up the good work on making your blog a success!

  7. engaserigeSag Says:

    Hi, cool site, good writing 😉

  8. […] January Globosexuals.com reported on circumcised vs. uncircumcised penises and discussed the pros and cons of each. According to our poll, 55% of our readers prefer a […]

  9. Circumcised! They are so much cleaner and better looking. They have big pink heads that I just want to kiss, and they never smell or have smegma.

  10. globosexuals Says:

    Hi guys–thanks for reading! I’ve been out of touch for a while–but I’m back to posting.

    Thanks for the comments and for adding us to your favorites!!

    Olivia–I completely agree. I went the the annual World Naked Bike Ride last weekend (https://globosexuals.wordpress.com/2009/06/12/news-naked-you-can%e2%80%99t-have-sex-without-it/) where there were so many shapes and sizes. I still think the circumsized ones looked better; especially if they’re not erect.

    Keep reading!

  11. Elishia Says:

    Hey well I am a guy and I am uncircumsized and I just was wonderih am I ever going to get a bj or hj cause apparently girls like circumsized penises better and if I’m going to get one and she sees my penis will she like backout or something

  12. globosexuals Says:

    Hi Elishia!
    Where are you from? I’m guessing from the US?

    The thing is, most men in the US are circumsized, so that’s what women there are, more likely, used to. But in the rest of the world, uncirc is more common and preferred, especially in Europe (at least in my experience).

    If the girl likes you she won’t back out. She may be a bit squirmish if it’s the first time she’s encountered an uncircumsized penis. But simply explain that “you just have to pull it back,” while demonstrating. And who knows–she might prefer uncirc, there’s plenty of girls that do and think it’s more fun.

    Just be confident. After all it doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as you know how to use it 😉

    Or you can always move to Europe.

  13. Cassandra's boyfriend Says:

    If uncut were unhealthy, data from Europe and Japan would clearly reveal. It societies were a daily shower is the norm, where codoms are affordable and often used, and where there is some broadbased understanding of what unsafe sex means, there is no health drawback to being uncut. The problem with USA “research” on cut vs. uncut is that the uncuts are mostly poor and unsophisticated.

    “A poll taken between 1993 and 1996 revealed that the US was “the last medically-advanced nation to persist in circumcising most of its boys for no therapeutic or religious reason.”

    ME. South Korea does to.

    * About 60% of males living in the US were circumcised
    ME. This is not a fact. I conjecture that among whites adults born in hospitals, it’s probably more like 90%.

    * In 1970, the average for circumcised men was approximately 80%
    ME. That’s about right for babies born in 1970.

    * Over 1.25 million infants are circumcised annually in the US, which is one child every 26 seconds.

    ME. Now it’s at most 1 million a year. About 45% of USA baby boys leave
    the maternity ward with all their bits.

    * 1/3 of circumcised men were unaware they were circumcised
    ME. Never seen this, but it could be true of the USA, where boys used to be cut without asking the parents permission, and the parents had nothing to say to their boys while growing up. Circ was not a prominent topic in sex ed.

    I tried finding the latest US statistics, but I’ve found various estimates ranging from 30% to 65%.
    ME. 30% of California babies in recent years. 85% in square states like Michigan. Big variation in fashion across states.


    It is hard scientific fact that what circ cuts off and discards is rich in nerve endings. Therefore the presumption should be that those bits contribute to the male enjoyment of sex.

    Women? European, Latin American, and non-Moslem Asian women grow up with uncut brothers, and fully accept uncut lovers. American women?
    SOme women who’ve had both dislike foreskin. Others say that the few
    uncuts they have been privileged to experience were defining moments in their personal sexual journey. Many gay men are foreskin fetishists, a condition which is ripe for spreading to str8 women.

    The foreskin makes HJ much easier. It capures and spreads around precum in a nice way. BJ is fine if he washes beforehand.

    Condoms make the foreskin sexually irrelevant.

    Smegma? Every woman in the world has the right to insist that her lover wash his penis before she plays with it.

  14. In countries where FGM occurs it is usually the women who perpetuated it onto their daughters, they often don’t feel it was a violation. Heck in Indonesia it’s done on neonates, just like males here. So how do they know what is missing? What reason would they have to stop it, they’re fine. It’s the same dance just a different tune. Female circumcision is a term applied to a variety of procedures performed on the female genitalia, involves the removal of the clitoral hood and some of the labia This is the same parts that becomes the foreskin on a male at 10 weeks gestation. So the question is a good one. Why are we vehemently opposed to one, in even it’s mildest form, and not the other. gender no object. “Cut is cut, mutilation is mutilation.” Circumcised women choose to have their daughters circumcised, citing how it’s cleaner, good sexually, reduces secretions and smegma and is generally hygienic, and also mentioning studies showing circumcised women have lower infection rates. Basically the same reasons that people use to defend male circumcision. It’s just a cultural difference. Are you aware that the USA also used to practice female circumcision? It was never anywhere near as popular as male circumcision, There are frequent references to the practice in medical literature up until the 1950’s. Most of them point out the similarity with male circumcision, and suggest that it should be performed for the same reasons. Blue Cross/Blue Shield covered clitoridectomy till 1977. A woman’s vaginal opening contains about 3,000 erotic nerves her largest concentration of erotic nerves is in her clitoris approximate 8,000 erotic nerves. In men the head or gland of the penis has 4,000 erotic nerves his largest concentration of erotic nerves is in the foreskin approximate 20,000 circumcision removes 83% of the erotic nerves it would be stupid to think a circumcised penis with only 4,000 erotic nerves would have the same amount of feeling as a uncircumcised one with 24,000 erotic nerves A woman with her clitoral hood and the labia removed can still have a orgasm just like a man with his foreskin cut off can still cum buy he has to take long hard strokes to do it ware a uncircumcised man takes shorter gentile strokes Dr. Morris Sorrels, M.D. said in my preliminary study on penile touch sensitivity, comparing circumcised and normal men. A man who was circumcised as an adult has complained that it now feels “like having sex with an elbow” so little of feeling compared to what he had before circumcision. Another one said sex before circumcision on a scale of 1 to 10 felt like 11 after circumcision it barely made a 3 Decreased penile sensitivity and increased erectile dysfunction were the most frequent complaints reported by men who were circumcised. In reality both MC and FC began as a way to reduce the sexual sensitivity. In the late 1800s cutting off the most sensitive part of the penis (the foreskin) MC was introduced to stop masturbation. When it was found not to stop masturbation the claims of medical benefits arose Some research suggests that circumcised infants may have a lower incidence of urinary tract infection (UTI).baby boys uncircumcised or circumcised have less then (1.%) chance However, female infants have a higher incidence of UTI than circumcised or intact boys (5.%). Penile cancer is an extremely rare disease with less than 1 case per 100,000 men and a median age of diagnosis of 64 years. Advocates of circumcision found more ammunition recently when it was reported that uncircumcised heterosexual males were more likely to contract HIV/AIDS than their circumcised counterparts So how do you go about conducting a randomized, controlled intervention trial looking at HIV infection in circumcised adult men? Probably not the way that these researchers did. First, to be included in the study, men had to be HIV-negative and uncircumcised. The men also had to consent to “avoid sexual contact (except with condom protection) during the 6 weeks following the medicalized circumcision.” The experimental group which underwent the circumcisions was given the following instructions
    “When you are circumcised you will be asked to have no sexual contact in the 6 weeks after surgery. To have sexual contact before your skin of your penis is completely healed, could lead to infection if your partner is infected with a sexually transmitted disease… If you desire to have sexual contact in the 6 weeks after surgery, despite our recommendation, it is absolutely essential that you use a condom. “So the males in the study that underwent circumcision were not only told to abstain from sex for a significant time period after the operation — reducing their exposure time by six weeks compared to the uncircumcised (control) group — but told to use condoms, taught how to use them, and educated about their benefits. During this six week period, the men in the uncircumcised group did not have the same restrictions. There also doesn’t seem to be any mention of the researchers calling up the circumcised men after six weeks to say, “Okay, time’s up. Ease up on the condom use from here on.” The possibility that many of these men might have become accustomed to using condoms, armed with knowledge about their benefits, didn’t seem to be much of a concern. And the stopped the study one third of the way throw before the circumcised men cot up with the uncircumcised. The American Academy of Pediatrics has found that newborn infants feel pain as much if not more then adults. Infants experience excruciating and traumatic pain during the 6 to 10 minute circumcision and for weeks afterwards some go in to a shock type coma. If you can stand to hear a baby scream in pain you can watch a baby being circumcised most are done with out anesthesia for fear it mite kill the baby http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQqOEylGW7k

  15. I have been with both. I will never be with an uncircumcised male. I like to give oral. I’ve had clean uncircumcised and clean circumcised. If I had to date in Europe, I would run through the streets screaming. Although you should always use a condom, I would just have to bring my dildo and constantly please myself. But it is a preference. For me, personally, I can’t handle an uncircumcised penis. No way . . . . . And what’s so horrible is that I loooooovve English/Scottish/Irish men. But gee, I can’t handle thee uncircumcision. To me, it is . . .. . . oh god. And uncircumcised men always want you to suck on that cheese like it is a normal day. It’s like, hey, buddy . . . .any wine with that cheese? No?

  16. George Says:

    And I think clitorises are sooo nasty! I will never be with an uncircumcised woman, to me that is like ohh god. I’ve been with both and a girl without a clitoris is sooo much cleaner. That vagina cheese under the clit hood is so gross. It’s sad because I love European girls but I think I need to move to the middle east just to make sure I can give oral without throwing up!


  18. I prefer circumcised, though I’ve never PERSONALLY seen an uncircumcised.

    I don’t know about the sensitivity thing though. My boyfriend is circumcised but he is VERY sensitive. Most condoms bug him he’s so sensitive (we just go without or use ultra thin, which he actually likes).

    But I do know that circumcised are easier to clean and such. My little brother was in foster care til he was a year old, and they refused to circumcise him. He used to get UTI all the time 😦
    Which is just sad to see a little kid all in pain every time he has to pee.

    So when I have kids they’re getting circumcised–if for no other reason, to keep it cleaner/healthier.

  19. You make half this stuff up, right? The civilized world is scared of the scarred penis, viewing it as bizare–and right they are!

  20. I prefer un-circumsized cocks although my current BF is cut.
    It really comes down to the GUY not the skin on his penis! Although, I sort of have the best of both worlds, because though my partner is circumsized, he has a LOT of skin on his penis because he is quite the “grower” and many times his penis appears as though it is un-cut. I LOVE IT!!!

  21. micropenis videos…

    […]POLL DANCING: Do you prefer a circumcised or uncircumcised penis? « Globosexuals.com[…]…

  22. I’m not a woman, but as a guy that were circumcised as an adult I’ve experienced both worlds, and it seems that more and more women prefer a circumcised one despite the fact that circumcision has really never been a tradition in my country. When talking to female friends, I’d say about half of them prefer circumcised while the other half prefer a natural one, but I do think the group that prefer circumcised will be the majority in the future. It’s hard to tell when or be absolutely sure about this, but the signs all point in that direction. In porn and magazines, all the male stars are circumcised, and for the past few years, even the local male stars have all been circumcised and dildos almost always have the shape and look of a circumcised penis.

    Before I was circumcised I admit that I was somewhat intimidated about this new trend, and even felt that some women were a bit shallow when speaking out their preferences about the circumcised penis and that it was crazy to cut off a functioning part of your body. But all that was about to change.

    Five years ago, I met my fiance – and there was some irony to that, because she was one of the pro circumcision spokespersons! She is a doctor that is pro circumcision, know a lot about it and have participated in debates about the subject. People may wonder how we actually were able to find common ground, but despite out initial disagreement over circumcision, everything else was perfect.

    Over time she helped me face my preconceptions about circumcision and women’s preferences. She helped me realize that there were some benefits too and that for most women it was just a preference – not something to be used to rule out guys. I realized that it’s not wrong for women to have preferences either, even if it’s just cosmetic – after all, guys also have a lot of preferences when it comes to women and how they look, and it’s not really wrong for women to have some expectations as well.

    And, two and a half years ago I started thinking about doing it myself. But I didn’t want to go all the way at first, so I looked for ways to do it step by step without removing all the foreskin at once. So I talked to my fiance, and she was glad to hear me wanting to do it, and we started researching options together, and since she’s a doctor it’s not an understatement that it made it all easier. We ended up with a procedure that involved partial circumcision at first (removal of some of the foreskin but not all), this is a procedure that makes it easier to adjust to than removing everything at once. Then there’s an optional second procedure where the rest is removed. I did this and was like that for one year or so.

    We both agreed that the foreskin felt and looked a bit “loose”, and that a complete circumcision would be the best option. So then, we researched what type of incision would be the best. There are different types in terms of how “high and tight” it is carried out which affects the final result in terms of both aesthetics and feel. So in this final phase I figured it’s actually better to consult a female urologist. There aren’t too many of them, but there are some and since my fiance is a doctor, she had a few names. It was just more natural to discuss various looks and styles with a second woman in the picture. So after all, I ended up with going high and tight and haven’t regretted a second.

  23. Ravinder Tulsiani – Mentor, Ravinder Tulsiani – Trainer, Ravinder Tulsiani – Coach, Ravinder Tulsiani – Corporate Trainer, Ravinder Tulsiani – Author…

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  24. globosexuals Says:

    Dear M,
    Sorry it took so long to notice your comment. Thanks for sharing your experience! What country are you from?
    You are correct. For most women it is a preference and not a deal breaker. And there is research and studies that show the benefits of circumcision.
    Would be great to speak with your fiance, the “circumcision spokesperson”!
    Congratulations on your marriage 🙂

  25. Hi again,

    No worries, seems that it took a long time for me to find your response as well. I’m from Norway, so it’s not a country where circumcision is very widespread, but it’s coming due to the facts that I described in my previous post.

    My fiance isn’t here just now, she’s on a work conference, but if you had some questions, I could always ask and write back on her behalf.

    Have a nice weekend!

  26. SA nerds…

    […]POLL DANCING: Do you prefer a circumcised or uncircumcised penis? « Globosexuals.com[…]…

  27. Absolutely irresponsible, barbaric, and ridiculous to mutilate a normal and natural penis because the man might not be clean…….let’s mutilate a clitoris because the woman might get some smegma…..you wash your penis and your vagina the same way you wash your teeth, your butt or your armpits……you do not mutilate !. The foreskin is a very important part of the penis, is there for something, as is definitely worth having !! Circumcisions must be performed only if the man has Fimosis…non-retractable foreskin…a medical reason…an exception.

  28. BMX…

    […]POLL DANCING: Do you prefer a circumcised or uncircumcised penis? « Globosexuals.com[…]…

  29. JonnyNilsen…

    […]POLL DANCING: Do you prefer a circumcised or uncircumcised penis? « Globosexuals.com[…]…

  30. globosexuals Says:

    Hi Ari, just saw your comment. Thanks for participating in this discussion that has been going on since 2008 and will no doubt continue. I realize this is a very sensitive issue for many reasons. However, I don’t think you can simply compare washing genitals to brushing your teeth or armpits. If you don’t wash your armpits or teeth, you don’t risk spreading or contracting HIV or STDs because it got stuck in your armpit. Also, studies have shown that being circumcised lowers your risk of contracting HIV. The NYTimes recently reported how Kenya is promoting circumcision in newborns, as studies have shown that a heterosexual male is 60%–SIXTY PERCENT–less likely to become infected with HIV if he is circumcised. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/19/health/crucial-factors-in-choosing-circumcision-for-a-baby-in-kenya.html?_r=1&emc=tnt&tntemail1=y

    Today the NYTimes reported that Zimbabwe legislators have been getting HIV tests and circumcisions to lead by example. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/26/health/legislators-set-an-example-with-circumcisions.html?_r=1&emc=tnt&tntemail1=y

    And while people can easily brush to prevent gingivitis, yes, people can easily wash their genitals to prevent smegma. But the truth is, sometimes people don’t. You can get rid of gingivitis, but you can’t cure HIV and some STDs.

    Lastly, as I’ve mentioned before, for a woman whether a man is circumcised is a preference, not a deal breaker.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  31. Ala Brazi Says:

    Those who walk with their feet on asphalt when it’s 70C degree has feet like rock and they can walk on top of broken glass without being hurt, their skin become hard and dead they loose the sensation in their feet and circumcision do the same on the long run. This doesn’t mean people should walk on asphalt to kill the sensation in their feet and become immune to glass and nails. Are we promoting for such abnormal organs?. Yes. Circumcision is good if we want to walk without shoes or we want to have unprotected sex with anyone just for having sex. It’s really so strange and criminal to cut functional part of the body which serve a purpose just because of future fear of misuse. That doesn’t make sense at all.

    Forskin protect the glans and it’s a proof that masturbation and self pleasure and self discovery is a normal acts and part of the nature and those who are against the nature cut it just to emphasize their strange opinion on others.

  32. I think male circumcision should be banned and female circumcision should be legalized =) because it has a lot of benefits

  33. U made quite a few superb items inside ur blog post, “POLL DANCING: Do you prefer a circumcised or uncircumcised penis?
    Globosexuals.com”. I will remain coming
    back again to your website soon. Thanks ,Russ

  34. I was circ at 23 years of age my girl friend loved it high and tight her choice and I like it sex is better now than before.

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  39. You have got a real talent for the right words.

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  41. american girl Says:

    filled with ignorant myths. stop mutilating babies of both genders!

  42. So let me get this straight:

    Circumcision does not affect sensitivity.

    Yet people do it if their penis is too sensitive? So why do it if it doesn’t decrease sensitivity?

    And it’s argued that a decreased sensitivity is desirable anyway because it prolongs sex (“so circumcision is a good thing”) – but it was literally just pointed out that circumcision supposedly doesn’t affect this??

    This is what we call doublethink. You simultaneously believe circumsize has no effect on sensitivity while simultaneously believing that circumcisions diminished effect on sensitivity is a good thing.

    As a circumsized guy I think it’s a bad thing. Once you’re in a very long term relationship, it takes forever to ejaculate, or sometimes you just don’t, or you have to have a girl that can really take a pounding.

  43. good post.Never knew this, regards for letting me know.

  44. I like my women to have their clitoral hood circumcised. It’s cleaner.

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