Cafe Tacvba

So now I’m craving Mexican.

Eres,” (You Are) by Grammy Award-winning Mexican group Café Tacvba, is what girls dream guys would whisper in their ear (yes in Spanish) as they make sweet love to them. The song is from Café Tacvba’s fifth album Cuatro Caminos, released in 2003.

It’s a somewhat oldie, but a goody.

The song so poetically reveals every thing a special someone means to the speaker, hence the title “Eres.”

As always, everything sounds better and more passionate in Spanish; and loses so much in the translation to the point of complete cheesiness – but here you go, a few of the lyrics translated, in no particular order.

You are, what I most want in this world, that’s what you are.
My most profound thought, is also what you are.

What my life is missing if you don’t come,
The only precious thing my mind inhabits right now.

You are the time I share, that’s what you are.
What people promise when they love each other.
My salvation, my hope and my faith.

The video is shot in black and white and takes place in a school of mostly 12-14 year olds with the exception of the main protagonist who looks a lot older. This small detail always made the video a tad bit disturbing for me. But I realized it was because, until recently, I incorrectly thought the guy was one of the older band members. The guy’s crush on a sweet, 12-year-old is depicted by the stares, shy smiles and doodles in his notebook that soon become the only color to fill the room.

It beautifully captures the innocence of love and makes us long for the days when attraction was simple, perhaps a time before we discovered sex.

Favorite Line: “Cada minuto en lo que pienso, eso eres” (What I think of every minute, that’s what you are)
Listening suggestion: In the middle of the sunny autumn afternoon, in a white room while on a big white bed with the windows open and the wind blowing long white curtains.

 – JD

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