MIX TAPE: Freek’n You



We’re bringing it back; we’re bringing it way back. (Said in a really low, 1990’s R&B voice.)

“This is the song I want to lose my virginity to,” is the approximate thought I had when I first heard Jodeci’sFreek’n You” song in 1995. I probably had no idea what “sex” entailed, but I knew this song had “sex” written all over it and it had to be playing in the background once I did – even if that meant the song was no longer popular years from then.

I grew up in the hood; what can I say. You know I had to sneak in some ol’ school Jodeci – and it won’t be the last time either. For now, “Freek’n You” from their third album, “The Show, The After Party, The Hotel,” is this week’s Mix Tape selection of the week.

Sure the lyrics are simple and repetitive – but it’s the way the lyrics are sung that make the song so great for knockin boots, as it was referred to back then. Slow, deep, almost a whisper and straight to the point: I wanna freak you.

The rhythm is also the lure of the song. I believe the gorgeous girl in the video captures this best as she bumps her ass against the wall, slapping her thighs to every beat as she mouths the words, “I need your body.”  

Jodeci’s songs are simply made for grinding, whether on the dance floor or in the bedroom.  

Favorite Line: “What must I say, What must I do, to show how much, I think about freak’n you.”
Listening suggestion: As a groupie, at the show, behind the curtains making out with DeVante Swing. It’s the only way.

– JD

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