(Orgasm Special) SEXcapades: Female Ejaculations


Another SEXcapade by one of our Globosexual readers!

In honor of Globosexuals’ Orgasm Week, we bring you a very personal account of Female Ejaculations by Stephanie, a 26-year-old financial advisor from Texas. Thank you Stephanie for this very detailed – and encouraging – account.  Brace yourself readers, it’s a long one-but worth every sentence.

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 – JD


I have vaginal ejaculations!!!!! It is the single greatest thing in the world. And I guarantee you that sex will never be the same from this point on if you have them.”

Before the big bang
Before the big bang
“I haven’t always been able to, but it started with my son’s father about a year after my son was born. I had never experienced vaginal orgasms before because we were young and immature; it was all about simply fucking, and not really enjoying what was really going on. I don’t know if it had anything to do with the fact that I had had a baby or the fact that we were more mature now and actually enjoying sex?

“There were times before when I felt like I would come vaginally, but I would always hold back. My boyfriend would always get mad and tell me not to and just let it go. But the feeling was so intense that it scared me. This might sound funny, but I actually thought at times I would die if I didn’t stop myself. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack or an anxiety attack. It was a feeling that would consume my whole body – and then there was the fear that I was going to pee (but now we know it’s not pee – but one of the best feelings ever!).”

The night in question


“We were having sex and he started to rub the head of his penis on my clit while going in and out of me. This felt really, really good. I decided I wasn’t going to hold back this time and just release. Like I said, I just get this really intense feeling throughout my body. It just basically felt all tingly inside and as if I was going to explode from the inside out. When I got this feeling, I just decided to squeeze his penis while he was inside me. When I did, I released a very thin liquid from my vagina. He said the feeling of my squeezing was so good for him, so I repeated it. By the time we were done, there was a puddle underneath me. When I finally came I thought I had urinated. I mean, it just came pouring out and I had never experienced anything like this before. It was as if someone poured a pitcher of water from my vagina.

“We were both shocked. What the fuck just happened?”

The Gullywasher 









“Basically what it feels like is an explosion from the inside out. I get that feeling running throughout my whole body, and then when I release it’s just like, AAAHHHHH. I don’t experience the convulsing that some women do, but I have broken out into uncontrollable laughter.

“I can ejaculate more than once while having sex, but at one point I feel like I run out and there isn’t any more liquid left in me. At that point, the guy needs to hurry and finish because I start to dry up. It takes so much energy out of me.”

Really, it’s not you, it’s me

“For the longest time I thought that if I left my boyfriend, then I wouldn’t be able to come with anyone else. Well, then I finally slept with someone else and realized that I can make myself come. I have learned to control it. I can choose to ejaculate or not with whomever I sleep with. I do find it easier to do with guys that I like, however. A couple of months ago I was really frustrated and decided to see if I could do it alone. For the first time ever, I masturbated with my hand and it was just as good as having any guy.

“One funny story is that one guy thought he was actually THAT good that he made me orgasm. He was so lame. When we finished he said, “I bet you didn’t think I had that in me.” Oh, how I laughed inside. He thought he made me ejaculate – and the whole time he had no idea that I made that happen. I didn’t want to crush his ego so I let him think that he did. Then I never called him again.”

A word of the wise







“My advice to men: Stop being so fucking selfish!

“Men are always just so concerned about getting themselves off that they forget about us women. The most frustrating thing is when a guy finishes and just leaves me undone. I know that men can’t always control when they ejaculate, but there are other methods to get us women off. Use your hand or mouth to help us finish also. Every guy should learn where to find a girl’s g-spot, because it would be better for everyone if guys did. Learn what turns her on and what she likes.

“WARNING! This is very messy. Each time I ejaculate, there is a puddle on the bed. Just think of someone pouring an entire bottle of water on the bed. I usually will ask the guy first if he is OK with it. One guy said told me he was going to have to buy new sheets every time I came over. Pun intended.”

Master of her universe


“Not many women can orgasm vaginally. I am very proud of what I do. Not anyone I know has been able to do it. Every guy that I have been with has told me that they haven’t met another girl who can do that. If you can – embrace it! Learn to control it. I know you can if I can. At this point in my life, I feel I have mastered the art of ejaculating. I have complete control of it now. I can come on cue. I can actually control when I want to release the ejaculate. Sex has never been the same for me since I discovered what I can do.

“It’s a great thing and a curse at the same time. Last year when I began dating someone after I broke up with my boyfriend, the new guy always wanted to have sex once he realized that I can orgasm vaginally. The same thing also happened with a second guy I dated. Once I show these guys what I could do – that’s all they want to do.

“And yes, it can be done more than once in the same night. Don’t let it go!!!!!”

3 Responses to “(Orgasm Special) SEXcapades: Female Ejaculations”

  1. […] all good and great that the lovely Stephanie can vaginally orgasm on cue and soak the sheets. Good for her – but what about the rest of […]

  2. harrymete Says:

    Try the A spot orgasm. The A spot is 3-4 inches on the front wall of the vagina. First you “train it” to orgasm with your middle finger, then you have sex.

    Harry Mete

  3. […] all good and great that the lovely Stephanie can vaginally orgasm on cue and soak the sheets. Good for her – but what about the rest of […]

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