(Orgasm Special) POLL DANCING: The Big ‘O’


It’s interesting what comes up when you Google “Obama” and “orgasm” in the same search.

But first, a big congratulations to the new President, Brack Obama, on his first day in office. Regardless of whether you like him, believe him or not, you have to admit it’s absolutely incredible how much emotion and enthusiasm he inspires throughout the world – and that can only be a good thing. He won’t be able to accomplish everything before him, but it’s the first step. It’s a great first step.    

There are lots of “hater’s” criticizing people’s excitement towards Obama. They compare this excitement to having orgasms and performing the figurative felatio on the president.

The funniest and more in depth “article” I found, complete with interviews, was “Millions Prepare for Orgasm During Obama Speech.”

Of course, this can only prompt me to ask one thing:

– JD


2 Responses to “(Orgasm Special) POLL DANCING: The Big ‘O’”

  1. globosexuals Says:

    According to Urban Dictionary, obamagasm is:

    “Spontaneous orgasm which takes place while listening to Barack Obama speak. Can happen to both men and women, but especially to old black women with large hats.”

    There are other definitions, but this one was the most true.


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