(Orgasm Special) NEWS: Global Orgasm Day


Mark your calendars….
21 December at 12:04 am GMT.

Perhaps if we had timed it better, we could have had our Globosexuals Orgasm Week Special during the same time frame as Global Orgasm Day.

Either way – mark your calendars for the 4th annual one. Same day and time, but new year, 2009.  

Funny enough, they’ve tied Global Orgasm Day with Obama. Face it, Obamagasm is simply unavoidable. The website states they are “riding the wave of joy and renewal” to celebrate the new US President on the “Global OOObama Factor”.

Global Orgasm Day is sponsored by Baring Witness a non-profit organization that “creates words of peace with their bodies” to promote non-violent action.

The organizers hope to “effect positive change in the energy field of the Earth through input of the largest possible instantaneous surge of human biological, mental and spiritual energy.” They especially hope this mass orgasm occurs in countries where “weapons of mass destruction and places where violence is used in place of mediation.”

Gotta love hippies, ey?

– JD

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