(Orgasm Special) MIX TAPE: No You Girls

Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand

Having attended a secret gig to see Franz Ferdinand on Monday, I’m back to Indie cravings. I like all the songs off their new third album “TONIGHT: FRANZ FERDINAND,” for the beats, the baffling — yet intriguingly seductive — lyrics and hidden alley-streets-appeal. However, for this week’s Mix Tape selection for sheet-romplings, I’m going to have to go with… “No You Girls.”

Although it was a close call between the hot single “Ulysses” and equally smutty “What She Came For.” (I mean “smutty” in a good way.)

(Sorry for the poor quality of the videos, or lack thereof. The songs are so new, only live performances are available.)

The beginning lyricsof “No You Girls” say it all:

Oh, Kiss me
Flick your cigarette then kiss me,
Kiss me where your eye won’t meet me.
Meet me where your mind won’t kiss me.

“Meet me where you mind won’t kiss me…” The possibilities are endless – or limited, depending on how open minded you are.

I think the song accurately portrays “the chase” and consequences. But I won’t go too much into lyric interpretation, after all it is a Franz song.  You can’t take things literally or even attempt to interpret them. Just enjoy the banging beats, the increasingly fast rhythms that then suddenly slow down to a soft whisper – especially every time lead singer Alex Kapranos sings, “Kiss me.”

Favorite Line: “You dirty boys’ll never care.”
Listening suggestion: As you watch your one-night stand strip and tease before you.

– JD

One Response to “(Orgasm Special) MIX TAPE: No You Girls”

  1. globosexuals Says:

    Just added a new link to a better quality of the song “No You Girls.” Just click in the blog where it says “No You Girls.” As the song is now out on single, there should be a video coming up soon. I’ll upload it as well once it comes up.

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