(Orgasm Special) PRODUCT REVIEW: Orgasm Arts


That’s all good and great that the lovely Stephanie can vaginally orgasm on cue and soak the sheets. Good for her – but what about the rest of us?

“How too can I come on command and squirt my partner,” you ask? If only there was an instruction manual on how to orgasm vaginally, you say. Well, now there is.

Orgasm Arts videos, or more accurately Jason Julius, teaches both men and women how to give other women amazing orgasms with very detailed explanations and demonstrations. No, it’s not a porn video where Julius gives a woman a live orgasm. He uses a vagina sex toy model and his fingers to demonstrate. 
The Ins and Outs
The Female Orgasm Blue Print training videos include nine modules, which combined are more than two hours of footage and cover the following:     


  • Module 1: Mindset for approaching orgasms
  • Module 2: Guiding her mind
  • Module 3: Female anatomy
  • Module 4: Clitoral orgasms
  • Module 5: G-spot orgasms
  • Module 6: Deep Spot Orgasms
  • Module 7: Oral sex (cunnilingus) techniques
  • Module 8: Squirting orgasms aka female ejaculations
  • Module 9: Trouble shooting

For $97 you get a special log-in code to their website where you can download the videos and start watching them immediately. You also get “Quick Guide to Female Orgasms” (valued at $67), a full year of unlimited email support (valued at $297) and a one year money-back guarantee.   

First Impressions:

The videos are very informative and interesting, complete with diagrams and shocking statistics (i.e. 29% of women have never had an orgasm!).  The visual demonstrations are very helpful in learning the actual techniques. Julius is confident, knowledgeable and attractive on camera. These elements combined helps the viewer focus on what Julius has to say and take what he says seriously.

Julius also comes across as quite genuine. This is important because I think most people naturally assume attractive people have incredible and effortless sex lives, but Julius admits to being “utterly clueless” in the sack at one point, as well as working diligently to master the techniques. The viewer will instantly identify with Julius.

I can’t help wonder about where he gets his statistics and his diagrams, though? It would be good to have included sources either while he was speaking or provided in the text accompanying each module to give him more credibility.

Lastly, Julius has techniques for both amateur and expert lovers, so everyone at different levels of love-making proficiency can learn something new from his videos.
Julius seems to have a pretty good understanding of how the female mind works when it comes to sex and orgasms. He seems to understand that, for women, achieving a vaginal orgasm requires a woman to trust her partner and allow herself to become vulnerable to a certain extent. Stephanie taught us that once women learn how to ejaculate the first time, they don’t necessarily need that emotional connection to do it again, but it does help. 


This trust and vulnerability can only be achieved through sincere intimacy. I highly respect Julius’ warning that one should not lie to a woman and fake intimacy simply to get her to trust you for the sake of making her orgasm vaginally. Guys, this applies to simply getting a woman to sleep with you as well. But of course my fellow Globosexuals should know this already.

“Don’t tell her to let down her guard and give herself completely if you’re just having a casual relationship,” he states. However, this is not to say that you can’t have great sex with people outside of relationships, but it is important for both people involved to be honest about their intentions.

I like that Julius has figured out that women love anticipation. Men take notes! Getting us in the mood is not simply about physical foreplay; it’s mental foreplay as well. Men, you’ll be a lot more successful if the anticipation of the evening’s love-making session is built up throughout the day – before you even meet your lady. Julius suggests doing this by sending her dirty text messages. (And once you do – submit those dirty text messages to us for our Textual Relationships section!!)  

If you think this is too much trouble to go through for mere sex – then you need to reevaluate your whole existence. No joke. As one of my favorite sex quotes from Y tu mama tambien goes, “No hay mejor placer que dar placer;” meaning, there’s no greater pleasure than giving pleasure. Julius also seconds this. If you can master this, you will reap what you sow – and then some.

I think Stephanie’s sex advise to men pretty much sums it up as well: “Don’t be so fucking selfish!”  

My main criticism is that the videos are mostly targeted towards a heterosexual male audience, but it doesn’t mean heterosexual and homosexual women can’t watch the videos and learn something about their own bodies, sexuality, anatomy and the bodies of their female partners as well.

However, some women may cringe at some of the terminology used, such as “pussy” and “pee hole,” as well as some of the tips Julius suggests in “Module 2 – Guiding Her Mind” in order to help us women relax.

From a woman’s point of view, I think women may find the videos a bit patronizing, especially when Julius explains how men should approach a woman in order to get her to attempt ejaculating for the first time. On the contrary, Julius should explain how women can approach men to tell them about these videos and tell men how to better please us. I can imagine men instantly feeling insecure, self-conscious and even defensive if women suggests how to improve on their love-making techniques via video. Men have insecurities as well, you know. 

I found the modules a bit repetitive, but I suppose the repetitiveness helps reinforce the techniques. After all, it’s all good and easy on a rubber vagina – but when you have a live woman before you, waiting to be pleased, add to the equation that you’re horny; and you could very easily forget where to touch – where not to touch, at what intensity to touch, etc. etc.

I felt Module 3’s anatomy lesson was a bit of an over-kill. But, perhaps I only felt some of this info was a bit redundant because I used to be biology major before switching to journalism. Perhaps others will appreciate Module 3 more than I did.

My final criticism would be that, if you’re a woman watching these videos, you may find Julius a bit… uh, distracting. He is handsome and confident and his knowledge of a woman’s mind and body is very attractive. It won’t be long before your mind starts wandering. (Jason, that is a compliment.)


On a scale from 1 to 7, I’d give the videos a 5.8. The one-year of unlimited email support may bump my rating to a 6-6.5 depending on how quick and thorough the support is.

At first I was skeptical about the $97 price for what seemed like an extended version of the free intro video you get access to by simply signing up with the website. However, the tips Julius gives for oral sex in Module 7 are definitely worth the price for this alone.

Also, Julius gives you a one-year full-back money guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. It seems easy to think, “I’ll buy it, then pretend I wasn’t satisfied and get my money back.” But seriously guys, if you can master this, you will have women breaking down your door – not to mention the satisfaction you’ll receive from giving them such great pleasure. You will be so grateful to Julius you will not want your money back. You have nothing to lose – except your ignorance.

Guys, seriously, buy these videos, PLEASE, if only for Module 7.



  • Module 7: Oral sex (cunnilingus) techniques. Guys, please buy this video and take good notes.
  • Women can have vaginal orgasms that are so powerful they push their partners outside of their vagina when they orgasm.
  • Female ejaculate is apparently “sweet tasting,” according to the videos. Women can now give guys “a facial.”
  • The G-spot does exist. Module 5
  • Deep spot stimulation techniques in Module 6.
  • The emphasis on not flicking your tongue on the clit during oral sex. Again, guys, PLEASE buy this video if only for Module 7.
  • “The key to eating out a woman is patience.”
  • Techniques for women to increase their potential to orgasm vaginally in module 8.
  • The full year of unlimited email support.
  • The one year money-back guarantee – you can’t lose!

– JD


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