(Orgasm Special) GLOBOSEXUAL OF THE MONTH: Jason Julius, Part I

Jason Julius, creator of the Orgasm Arts videos. www.orgasmarts.com

Jason Julius, creator of the Orgasm Arts videos. http://www.orgasmarts.com

In honor of our Globosexuals first-ever Orgasm Week Special we had to nominate someone who not only embodied the essence of globosexuality that is generally required to be the Globosexual of the Month; we also had to incorporate some element of orgasmaticism – which implicitly goes hand-in-hand with globosexuality.With that said, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate candidate than Jason Julius, creator of the Orgasm Arts videos that we reviewed yesterday. Jason was kind enough to answer every one of our probing questions through email. In this two-part series, find out why in spite of being nicknamed the “Squirt King,” Jason considers himself a humble lover. Discover why of all the different nationalities he’s slept with he thinks Latina women are the best in bed (I couldn’t agree more!).

In Part II, to be published on Tuesday, learn about Jason’s personal mantra for helping women reach vaginal orgasms and why it’s important for men to learn the techniques described in his videos. For now, enjoy the more personal Part I  of January’s Globosexual of the Month, Jason Julius.

 – JD

Jason, we just named you “Globosexual of the Month” for January.
How do you feel about that?!

I am honored! I’m sure my mother is so proud of me. I have not heard the term globosexual before. Now that I’ve read the definition I love the concept! By definition, it suites me well; particularly the part that says “This sexpert is not selfish in bed.”

From a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being “Eww, what are you doing?!” And 5 being “Oh my God! Oh My God! Oh my God! AHHHHH!” How good would you rate your sexual performance in bed?

I’ll be humble and give myself a 4, although I do hear “Oh my god! Oh my god,” a lot. There’s always room for improvement. A great lover never gets cocky. He or she is always figuring out how to make their partner’s pleasure out-of-this-world amazing.


What do you think is the most important thing in a sexual relationship? What makes someone a good lover?

The most important thing about a sexual relationship is understanding how to give your lover an amazing sexual experience rather than just rubbing skin together. A good lover engages his or her partner’s mind as well as body to consciously orchestrate an experience that is better than anything that other person has ever experienced. That’s why I tell men that they must guide both a woman’s mind and body to orgasm. I’ve had a few women who can engage me in this manner – and it’s absolutely thrilling!

Many guys are usually more concerned with being satisfied than satisfying their partner. You seem genuinely concerned with satisfying your partner-why is that?

I’ve always been more of a giver than a receiver. It turns me on to watch a woman experience the deepest level of pleasure possible. It’s unfortunate how many men are selfish lovers. I get emails from women all the time complaining about how selfish their boyfriend or husband is. I usually get back what I give ten-fold. So why not give your lover the pleasure she deserves?


What prompted you to share your sexual secrets with others? Wouldn’t you want to be the only one who is considered great in bed?

I made some videos about female orgasms a little over a year ago and put them up on YouTube. By then this stuff was common knowledge to me so I didn’t think much of it, but the response I got was amazing. I had just begun to share what I knew – and already I was receiving emails from people telling me how these tips made their love lives incredible. Men and women began sharing the intimate details of their love lives with me. I realized how many women in this world have extremely dull sex lives so I felt compelled to change that by teaching men what they needed to know to give women mind blowing orgasms. I’m still waiting for the day when I meet a woman who has already had my techniques used on her, maybe then I’ll think twice lol!

How has life changed for you since you began selling your Orgasm Arts videos to the public? Do people recognize you on the streets? Do you get a lot of offers for sex from women everywhere you go? Are you known internationally?

Life has been great since I released “The Female Orgasm Blueprint.” I never imagined how much these training videos would enrich people’s lives. Many tell me how much their confidence has gone up just knowing they can please any woman they meet. Others have emailed me and told me that it’s saved their relationship or marriage. The emails that really touch me are all the emails I get from women thanking me for teaching them things about their bodies that they never new.

It really felt good when I received an email from a lesbian woman from Norway who said she couldn’t thank me enough for helping her make her girlfriend squirt. Knowing that I helped a woman on the other side of the planet learn more about her body than she knew about herself or her girlfriend is amazing.

I haven’t been recognized on the street yet. I’m just waiting for the day when I hear “Oh hey, it’s the orgasm guy!” I am known internationally, I have people from all over the world who have purchased my training videos.

What do you do besides give women earth shattering orgasms and tell others how they can give women amazing orgasms?

My two biggest passions are travel and reading. Travel is probably the single best thing a person can do to broaden their perspective on life.  I love to read anything to do with psychology, marketing, or business. I also love to work out. I’m a bit of a self improvement nut!


How many different nationalities have you slept with?Which one would you say is the best one? 

Six different nationalities. Latina women are by far the best lovers. They put in the extra effort to make sure their man is completely taken care of!


Jason, I’d just like to mention that I’m Latina.
Do you have a girlfriend?

I do not have a serious girlfriend at the moment. Not to sound like a slut, but I enjoy having a number of women in my life and I’m not into anything very serious at the moment. I’m honest with all the women that come into my life and they think it’s really cool that I’ve created a training program to help men learn this stuff. I never talk about it too early as I’ve found some women get intimidated.


If you could pass along only one piece of sexual advice from all that you have learned, what would that be?

The one thing I’d like to pass along to men is don’t go right for her sensitive spots. The biggest complaint most women have is that men go right for their clit, or g-spot. Take your time and work up to it, make her so horny that she’s practically be begging for it by the time you get there.

Please check back with Globosexuals on Tuesday when we will post Part II of our exclusive interview with Orgasm Arts’ Jason Julius, our Globosexual of the Month for January.  

8 Responses to “(Orgasm Special) GLOBOSEXUAL OF THE MONTH: Jason Julius, Part I”

  1. It’s really cool to read this and suddenly see that I am mentioned. I’m the lesbian from Norway who can’t thank Jason enough! I’m still watching the blueprint over and over again to be sure that I get it all, and I try out several of these techniques on my girlfriend, and believe it or not, they DO work!

    Congratulation to Jason for being “Globosexual of the month”, you really deserve it. You should be “Globosexual of All Time”.

    I still can’t thank you enough!

  2. globosexuals Says:

    Hi Marita!

    Thank you for reading the article and introducing yourself. I’m JoAnn. I interviewed Jason. It’s a pleasure to meet you!–through internet, any way 🙂

    I think Jason is a perfect example of what a Globosexual stands for.

    Do keep reading the blog! And let me know if you have any suggestions for topics!

  3. Hi JoAnn!

    I have favorized your blog in my browser, and I will have an eye on your blog in the future. 🙂 I’ll make sure to shout out if I come up with any suggestions to your blog! 🙂

    Jason is a fantastic man who has got the brains to learn more about women, and the female body. He has inspired me to learn more about my body, and it’s functions, and to be proud of what I’ve got. I have also learned how to appreciate my girlfriend more in every possible way.
    Jason is truly an inspiration for everyone out there. I think everybody should have a Jason Julius in their lives. 🙂

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