(Orgasm Special) TEXTUAL RELATIONSHIPS: “the best orgasme”


Textual Relationships showcases Globosexuals.com readers’ dirty text messages, either sent or received. The texts are submitted in their original language, with all the naughty details, misspellings, bad grammar and predictive text mishaps.

If you have a dirty text you want to submit, please send it to globosexuals@googlemail.com. If the message is in a language other than English, please submit an English translation. Please leave all the misspellings in there and include as much information as possible. Follow the format below.


This text message duo was submitted anonymously and comes all the way from Denmark. We love that it was sent right before the end of the work day. We know exactly what Danish Jesper has on his mind before calling it a day… We also love the ellipses.

Not so sure how we feel about the “fine pussy, “however? Nor do we know how we feel about the fact that he had to send a second message 11 minutes after the first to explain his technique? What other way is there?

But overall, Danish Jesper gets major props for sending this very explicit text. Lets hope he kept his word of giving the best “orgasme.”


10/29/06 5:10 p.m.
From: Danish Jesper
First your beautiful soft lips… then all over your hot breasts and body… and finally your sweet tasty fine pussy!


10/29/06 5:21 p.m.
From Danish Jesper
… and I would use both my finger and tongue to give you the best orgasme 🙂


– JD

3 Responses to “(Orgasm Special) TEXTUAL RELATIONSHIPS: “the best orgasme””

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  2. how much is one i dont need all of them

  3. how much is 1 module i only need one that number 7

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