POLL DANCING: To kiss and not tell? That is the question.




past conquest “kissed and told.” 

asp. Am I wrong to think people should outgrow kissing and telling after a certain age – like at age 18(!)?

I tried to find studies proving kissing and telling can indeed lead to penises turning green and falling off, or that people who don’t kiss and tell have better sex – but no dice. There were lots of random political associations that came up when I Googled “kissing and telling,” however. 

I’m sure I kissed and told when I was younger, but I’ve never particularly been a fan of kissing and telling myself. Sometimes galfriends get a bit hurt if intimate details of dates aren’t immediately revealed, but they shouldn’t. Leaving out the details is not indication of how close or not close we are; it’s simply a matter of keeping those intimate moments for myself, at least for a while.

Of course, there are times when truly spectacular occurrences happen that simply must be retold. But when they do, it’s usually to get another perspective on the incident, not for the sake of bragging. After all, when something out of the ordinary happens, there are usually lots of questions that follow. However, the focus is usually on the action/event/incident – not so much the person, although of course the person has a lot to do with it.

Regardless, if it simply must be retold, it’s usually limited to telling friends who live in other cities or countries. This ensures the two parties don’t know each other or won’t bump into each other if they do. It can almost be guaranteed it won’t get back to said person. Although, we are living in a globalized world, no thanks to Facebook, etc. and anything is possible. If I do decide to tell a friend in the same city, I’m more inclined to tell my guy friends because, who else better to answer my guy queries – than guys? And they’re usually less judgmental and shrug things off, which is what is needed at times. Of course, there are moments of drunken confessions, which perhaps I participate in more times than I can actually remember. But even then, it’s usually way after the fact.

With that said, I don’t mind when my friends tell me all the details. I’m very happy to listen; and no, it’s never too much information. I guess this incident simply reinforces my thought that boys are just as bad as girls when it comes to gossip. 

For this week’s poll we ask:

– JD  


One Response to “POLL DANCING: To kiss and not tell? That is the question.”

  1. globosexuals Says:

    I’m reading Ayn Rand’s book, The Fountainhead, at the moment and came across these lines. I think it further helps explain my position on kissing and telling.

    “It made the moments she remembered greater, the moments not touched by the sights of others, by the words of others, not even by their knowledge. She thought, it had no existence here, except in me and in him.”

    – p. 295

    Right on!

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