MIX TAPE: Paris (Aeroplane Remix)

"Paris" remix by Aeroplane featuring Au Revoir Simone.

“Paris” remix by Aeroplane featuring Au Revoir Simone.

How could I forget how sexy house music can be? Where initially my love of music began with house and snuck its way to indie rock, it now begins with indie and slithers back to electro. 

I fell in love with “Paris” (the song, not the city) by indie-rock band Friendly Fires when it was first released in September last year. “Paris,” off the Friendly Fires first self-titled album, was global and it was sexy in its original indie version. I also thought the lead singer’s dance was quite free. He pulls moves, as my English friend Joe said, most would only do in front of the mirror and in the privacy of their own rooms – which is great in itself, I think. After all, “Dance like nobody is watching,” right?

Right when I thought this song couldn’t get any hotter, I found the Aeroplane remix featuring Au Revoir Simone. My goodness… the girl’s voice, the slowed-down tempo, the steady beats in the background and electric-concertina-sounding piano – it’s perfect for some sensual love making. Bien sur, non?

I studied French and French culture for a total of seven years in middle and high school. And I, like most people, had a very romantic image of Le France, le vin, le fromage, les rues, la Siene, et especialement les garcons.

That is, until I actually went to Paris… But, I know I need to go again and give it another shot. Either way – this song makes me remember my romantic notion of France that I once had for so long.

The lyrics are nostalgic and made even more so by Aeroplane’s sweet, slow moaning voice. It simply captures what we’ve all thought at one point: whether it’s Paris, or some other city on the opposite side of the pond, one day, we’re going to live there, I promise.

I’m on it!

Favorite Line: “We’re going to lose ourselves, I promise.”
Listening suggestion: Nestled in the cheap, uncomfortable seats of the Eurostar, sharing the headphones to your iPod with your love as you speak with only your eyes – on the way to Paris.

– JD


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