(One-night Stand Special) POLL DANCING: Ever regretted a one-night stand?


Surprise, surprise… people who got drunk and had one-night stands regretted it later, survey reveals. The “Sex Factor” survey, which revealed a third of the 2,000 16 to 24-year olds surveyed regretted having their one-night stands after a night of heavy drinking, was conducted by YouthNet.org. The survey also found that people took part in risky sexual activity, such as having unprotected sex (32%) and going home with strangers (22%) or inviting strangers home with them (15%) while inebriated.

I found it sad that 28% of those surveyed were disappointed with the experience of losing their virginity. Reasons for disappointment included: choosing the wrong partner, being too young and being in the wrong place. I personally never understood why my high school girlfriends were all so eager to lose their virginity to the same members of the varsity football and basketball teams? Sure they were hot, but they also looked so skuzzy.

Relationship expert for TheSite.org Matt Whyman, urged young people to “take the time to learn about the reality of sex when they’re sober.”

The reality… girls, it’s going to hurt the first time and you probably won’t get much pleasure. Guys, you probably won’t know where to stick it, you’ll come way too early – if you don’t lose your erection. If you don’t use a condom you might end up pregnant or with something nasty down there. Introduce alcohol and things get sloppy.

For the young’ins, always stay safe and leave one-night stands for after you’ve covered the basics.

For my more mature Globos, I’m sure you have mastered the art of one-night stands by now. You understand sex can be just sex. Sex can be passionate without getting emotionally attached as long as people are honest about their intentions from the start. And you always use protection so a one-night stand doesn’t become life-changing or life threatening event.

Of course, we’re all human and it doesn’t always work that way. So for, this week we ask:

 – JD

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