(One-night Stand Special) MIX TAPE: One Night Stand


You can’t have a one-night stand without proper music to compliment the occasion.

Now, while our Mix Tape posts are usually meant for great music to put you in the mood; music that is versatile for both one-night stands and two-night stands (haha), I thought considering this week is now “One-night Stand Week,” it’d be interesting to look at music that was written specifically about one-night stands and with the title “One Night Stand.”

Yes, they were mostly cheese to my disapointment.

Janis Joplin’s “One Night Stand” from her 1983 collection “Farewell Song” album is the one exception. The song has the same funky bluesy, soul she’s known for. If you didn’t know; she is from Texas. (Yes, I had to throw that in there).

Favorite Line: “Just because we loved tonight, please don’t you think it’s gonna stay that way.”
Listening suggestion: Anywhere as long as it’s cloudy and chilly outside and your dim and warm inside.

If you’re wondering about the cheesier selections, try Big City Kids‘ “One Night Stand;” just once. It’s sure to kill any prospects of a one-night stand you were hoping for. For Hawaiian, country cheez try the Kekai Boyz’sOne Night Stand.” And lastly, the title of biggest cheeze ball goes to Enrique Iglesias for “One Night Stand.” Is he seriously trying to be rock in this clip?

Now run along children, and get you some.

– JD

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