(One-night Stand Special) POLL DANCING: At what point is it still acceptable to change your mind about having a one-night stand?


To continue on the subject of one-night stand etiquette… talk show host Chelsea Handler of the Chelsea Lately show shares her one-night stand tips and kit with a class.

She rightly emphasizes that, “You just want to have the proper etiquette when you meet someone that you barely know and then let him stick it to you.”

Her one-night stand kit includes essentials like:

  • Fresh panties to overcome moisture, discharge and skid marks.
  • Protection
  • Wet wipes to wipe “the kaslopus.”

I adamantly agree with her suggestion for men, “If you’re not interested in shaving your ass, that’s fine; but what you do need to do is trim that hair down.” Hairlessness just makes it all the better to love you down there. Think about it.

 As mentioned in a previous blog, Handler also agrees that drunken sloppy sex isn’t desirable; “If you get shit faced you won’t be at your peak physical performance. Nobody wants sloppy sex.”

And lastly, Handler states that there is always room for a change of heart. If you decide not to go through with the one-night stand, “you owe him nothing, until you get to his house and let him feel your boobies.”

Which brings us to this week’s Poll of the Week:

– JD


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