(Women’s Special) POLL DANCING: Is your weight interfering with sex?


Many women are self conscious about their weight. That’s a given. But is your body image interfering with your ability to enjoy sex?

Yesterday we discussed a new study showing that hungry and poor men prefer heftier women. Hopefully that gives some women a bit of a boost-although I suppose it ends once the man eats and gets rich. Then its back to the dieting board…

WebMD has a quiz that asks “Is your weight interfering with sex?” It is a 5-question survey that offers a bit of advice with your results.

I took the quiz and this is what I got:

You may be overweight, but experts say you’ve managed to maintain a strong sense of self-esteem. Body image expert Abby Aronowitz, PhD, says a little self-talk about your positive attributes can do wonders to boost your sexual self-esteem. If you find that despite your strong self-image you’re still having trouble meeting a partner, consider getting out and about more. “No matter how good we feel about ourselves, we have to share that feeling with others before we connect,” says Aronowitz.

As with all quizes they’re pretty general and not entirely accurate. But what do you expect with a five-question diagnosis? Nonetheless, do take it and let us know what you got by partaking in our poll below.  I’m also interested to know whether men feel self conscious about their bodies as much as women.  Guys, your thoughts?

– JD

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