POLL DANCING: Are you part of the mile-high club?


You don’t have to be part of the mile-high club to be a Globosexual, but you do have to have boarded a plane. What you do on the plane thereafter is entirely up to you.

At 30,000 ft. above the ground, model Sarah Hannon went into a rage after catching her boyfriend Daniel Melia in a “sexual act” with fellow passenger Clare Irby. The trio was flying aboard the Kingfisher Airlines flight from Bangalore, India on the way to London when a hostess stopped Melia and Irby from romping under a blanket. At this point Hannon became hysterical and the cabin crew had to calm her down. The three were arrested upon landing in Heathrow Airport; Hannon for being drunk, while Melia and Irby were arrested for alleged gross indecency.

I don’t know who these people are either, but it makes us wonder how many of our Globosexuals are part of the mile-high club?

According to a 2008 survey of 1110 people, 60% of Austrailians were part of the mile-high club or wanted to be.  

So for this week we ask:

– JD

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