NEWS: Naked, you can’t have sex without it.


Photo by J.D. (2009)

Ok, yes, you can have sex without being entirely naked (especially if you’re wearing a dress), but it’s a lot better if you’re completely naked.

And so is riding a bike.

The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) is gearing up tomorrow Saturday, 13 June with nearly 130 cities around the world (in the Northern Hemisphere) participating.

All you exhibitionists get your bike helmets on and your clothes off. Actually, the ride is for anyone who wants to “celebrate cycling and the human body” as well as domnstrate the vulnerabilities of cyclists on the road and it also serves as a protest against oil dependency. For the more reserved, the dress code is “as bare as you dare” so you can ride as naked as you want.

The first WNBR was started by Conrad Schmidt in June 12, 2004 and took place in Spain.

The London ride meets at 3pm in Hyde Park Corner by the Achilles statue and takes off at 3:30pm. The southern hemisphere ride is scheduled to take place 13 March 2010.

See you bare!


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