MIX TAPE: New In Town

Little Boots

Every once in a blue moon, there comes a song that is made perfect for stripping or simply dancing alone in front of the mirror.

New In Town,” by Little Boots is that song.

The chorus is sultry and ideal for snaking your waist, thrusting your pelvis and popping your booty to a disco-80s mix that’s just right.

But that’s not all. The lyrics are spot on. For all my Globosexuals, you know exactly what she’s talking about. Yes, you can always depend on the kindness of strangers to show you a really good time without spending a dime—or penny, in this case. And the only reason they did it was because, they “know how it feels to be alone, when strangers only make you feel the cold, you never ever felt so far from home.”

We tip our hats to all the randoms who have offered to show us around the city while on vacation. You didn’t have to; but you did—and we’re so glad you did.    

Favorite Line: “Is it all you’re hoping for? Does it live up to your every dream? Or do we disappoint?”
Listening suggestion: Lost, in the city streets.

 – JD

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