NEWS: World’s first ever sex doll—for dogs

Doggie humping DoggieLoverDoll

No, it doesn’t come in the shape of your leg.

Brazilian company PetSmiling is the world’s first to produce a sex doll for dogs and was launched in Saõ Paulo the 8th Pet South America conference last week (22 – 24 July). Now Fido doesn’t have to use your leg, cushions or small stuffed animals to relieve himself.

The DoggieLoverDoll comes as a soft rubber female “dog” (it looks like a futuristic artificial cartoon dog) with a silicone vagina and an “easy to clean reservoir.” The doggy sex doll also comes with a tube of water-based intimate lubricant to “increase the useful life of the doll.” How romantic.

The dolls come in small, medium and large to accommodate various pet sizes.


PetSmiling owner Marco Giroto said he got the idea for the doll when his own Maltese would hump his guests’ legs. In tests, the doll was said to help pets achieve a “better quality of life,” based on research showing dogs that used the doll had less anxiety, barking and territorial attitudes. When humping legs and other objects, PetSmiling said that dogs cannot reach ejaculation, but that with DoggieLoverDoll they can.

“In other words, the dogs live a better life, satisfying their repressed sexuality, in some cases for many years,” the company stated. Giroto has already received orders from the US, Germany and Japan.

How much do you want to bet dogs won’t be the only ones humping these things? But most importantly —when are they going to make a doggy dildo for all ma’ bitches?

– JD

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