POLL DANCING: Would you add a new or former fling to your online social network?


I wrote my master’s thesis on online social networks (OSNs), so I know a thing or two as to just how powerful—or incriminating—they can be.

As Facebook was first launched in America, I’ve been on Facebook longer than the Euros. I also realized long before them that adding someone you just met to your network isn’t the wisest thing to do. I’m sure you too have realized by now that things can get a tad complicated when things don’t work out two weeks or a month later…

Do you delete them? What if they delete you? Do you watch what you say? Are they actually wasting time following everything you do on there? And if so, should you be more careful with what you say to your friends? Are you wasting far too much time following what they do? Not to mention the possibility of finding out things about them you had rather not known. What do you do with this information?! Do you bring it up or do you pretend you don’t know? It can get quite complicated.

Personally, I have an unspoken rule not to add new flings to any of my online social networks, including instant messaging and especially not Facebook. Of course, I have made exceptions and have been reminded not to do it the hard way. It’s not Globosexuals policy to give personal accounts, but let’s just say one incident involved coming across a comment along the lines of “Lots of Pussy. Pussy galore,” with far too many exclamation marks. I was instantly repulsed and never wanted to see the guy again.

But, what about adding old flings; Flings B.F. (Flings Before Facebook)? This means all the people you ever dated before 2004, or 2006 if you’re outside of the US. Remember dating B.F., when guys actually called to ask you out rather than send text messages? I miss those days…

Elizabeth Bernstein, bonds columnist for The Wall Street Journal asks precisely that in today’s WSJ. She also warns against it.

I normally burn my bridges, but in the very seldom cases that I’ve remained friends after the split I still haven’t added the guys to my online social networks. This is because our friendship existed outside of such things like Facebook; and I’d like to keep it that way.  

But what do you think? For this week’s poll of the week we ask:

– JD


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