NEWS: Aussies approve of mile high club (shocking!)

I’m sure they’re not the only ones…

But Aussies seem to be the only one who were surveyed.

According to a poll of 741 Australian travelers, about 80% said airlines should permit in-flight intimacy in private suites.  Although I can’t find the original survey, can you?

According to Travelmole the survey comes after Qantas’ Airbus A380 was configured to allow first-class travelers to have their own private “suite.”

If you look on the Qantas website, you can see that although you can turn your seat into a bed, it is not a “private suite,” per se. Surely you can squeeze two people in there—I’m sure you Globosexuals out there have done it in tighter places—but Qantas clearly designed it to fit one person.

It is also quite open so even if you are an adventurous exhibitionist, please be considerate of your fellow passengers. Smells and yells are not kosher in a small cabin—I don’t care if you paid thousands of dollars for it; so did the rest of the passengers.

By the looks of this Emirates video, however, their Boeing 777 first-class configuration could be a lot better for joining the mile high club.

For those of us who cannot afford 1st class—keep it in the toilets, ya’ll!  

– JD

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