SEXUAL HEALTH: Don’t let this happen to you!

German pop singer, who was HIV positive, is sentenced to prison for having unprotected sex with lover and infecting him.

Now, what have we always told our Globosexuals? USE PROTECTION!

Nadja Benaissa, a 28-year-old German pop singer of the group No Angels, was charged with grievous bodily harm for infecting one man with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and attempted bodily harm for having sex with two other men who were not infected, theBBC reports.

She has been sentenced to an undetermined prison term of between six months and 10 years inDarmstadt, Germany.

Benaissa claims doctors told her the risk of passing the virus was “practically zero.”  

Aids campaigners have warned against criminalizing the transmission of HIV.

Now, when we say “Don’t let this happen to you,” we mean two things. One, don’t have unprotected sex—no matter how beautiful, famous, nice or innocent you think he or she is—because you could catch a deadly, sexually transmitted disease/infection (STD/STI)—like HIV.

Two, if you are carrying an STD do not hide your disease from your potential sex partner. You have an obligation to tell your prospective lover that you have a disease before you have sex—no matter how embarrassing and difficult it may be to admit. Your lover has a right to know and to decide whether or not he or she wants to engage in a sexual act with an infected person.

In some countries intentionally or recklessly infecting a person with HIV is considered a crime and can be charged with criminal transmission of HIV, murder, manslaughter, attempted murder or assault.

Ironically, there is not sufficient evidence that criminal law is effective at preventing HIV transmission. Studies have shown that criminalizing the act may discourage health initiatives such as HIV testing, counseling and informing partners. Nonetheless, you should know the law. Here is a list of laws in particular countries. Please add the laws of your country in the comment section.

Australia: In South New Wales the Public Health Act requires any person who has a sexually transmitted disease/infection (STD/STI)—including HIV—to inform any prospective sexual partner of their status and the risk associated with having sexual intercourse before intercourse takes place. The prospective partner must also voluntarily accept the risk involved. Sexual intercourse includes anal, vaginal and oral sex. Fines for violating: Up to $5,500.

Under the Crimes Act, a person who infects another with HIV is considered “recklessly causing another person grievous bodily harm” and can be imprisoned for up to 10 years.   

Canada: Criminal law requires people living with HIV to disclose their HIV status before engaging in behaviors that risk transmitting HIV.

New Zealand: The Wellington District Court in Auckland ruled in 2005 that an HIV-positive person does not have to reveal they are infected if they use condoms.

Russia: Placing another person under the risk of HIV transmission is punishable by limitation of freedom for up to three years. If a person who knowingly has HIV and infects another person is punishable by imprisonment for up to five years.

UK: A person can be charged for recklessly transmitting HIV to another. A person can also be charged

US: The law varies from state to state, but most states prosecute HIV-positive people who do not disclose their HIV status and expose another person to the HIV virus.

This is alist of cases and people who have been prosecuted for transmitting HIV or AIDs throughout the world.

As a treat—Antibodies, the music video by Poni Hoax. I don’t quite understand the video entirely, but the girl is clearly worried about being pregnant. Yet another reason to use protection.  

Use protection.


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