MIX TAPE: Sweater Weather

It’s been scorching hot in New York City since early June. But it poured in the City all day into the evening yesterday, cooling everything. I actually had to bust out my little leather jacket. It made me panic for a split second because I thought: Oh no, winter is coming and it’s going to start getting cold again. But then I remembered it was only the middle of July and it couldn’t possibly start getting cold yet. In Europe, yes; not in New York. Phew!

Perhaps it was nature’s way of teaching us a lesson; to stop complaining about how fucking hot it is and enjoy the heat while you still can because before you know it, it will be cold again for eight months straight. Suck it up.

Regardless, it was definitely sweater weather yesterday. At the very least, light sweater weather. This meant that I could finally listen to The Neighborhood’s single “Sweater Weather” as it is supposed to be listened to—in chilly, breezy weather—and really feel the lyrics and the chills.

The single by the Los Angeles-based band was originally released in March, when it was still sweater weather. It’s such a beautiful, melancholy indie-rock infused with hip-hop kind of song. Such great honest lyrics, too. It easily makes you sway, bob your head and sing along with the “whoas”. You can picture every cuddle and caress; every speck of unwanted sand on a back or waist; stolen kisses in the shadows of the setting sun, and smell that unmistakable sea fragrance mixed with sun block.

It’s a welcomed song to have stuck in your head, along with beach flashbacks rummaging through your mind to keep you warm, as you hurriedly walk through the nippy, rainy streets of New York to get home and slip into your big, ugly, mustard-colored sweater—that is until you get home and your apartment is still a sauna. Boo. So much for wearing a sweater.

The song reminds me of summer flings and all those wasted days in Amsterdam that one fateful summer in 2007 where we would sneak off to the beach whenever it was sunny and scorching (which was rare) and it’d be freezing by sunset. Still, it never stopped me from running into the freezing cold water fully clothed at three in the morning when my watch stopped.

What’s left of my Swatch watch in my journal, after I ran into the sea and it stopped at 2:46 a.m. Netherlands’ time in Summer 2007. Photo by JD.

I digress. But that’s what this song makes you do. I’ll stop talking. Just listen.


Favorite Line: “The goosebumps start to race, the minute that my left hand meets your waist. And then I watch your face, put my finger on your tongue cause you love to taste.”
Listening suggestion: End of summer, having goodbye sex with your summer fling.

– JD

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