DIRTY MATTRESS: New York Magazine’s annual sex issue 2012

Close up of cover. Photo by JD.

It’s that time of the year again. New York Magazine’s sex issue. Close the door and dim the lights. Actually turn the lights on brighter. You don’t want to hurt your eyes.

I’ve only had a quick flip through it, but the issue seems pretty thorough, covering a cornucopia of sex topics, including sex dungeons, online dating, a three-way relationship, self-confessed bisexuals, hookers and old people dating.

Main feature spread. Photo by JD.

Before receiving my copy in the mail today, I had already read one piece online titled, “Married, Pregnant, Frisky. Sometimes.” It is the sex diary (or lack-of-sex diary) of a husband and wife expecting a baby. My goodness, it was incredibly depressing. The couple details times of missed sex opportunities, dissatisfaction, unfulfilled romp promises, being too tired for sex (what!?), baby anxiety, and horniness on the subway. Will this couple survive?!

Is that really what will happen when a married couple is expecting a baby? The woman tells of losing her sex drive because she feels insecure about her weight gain and the husband has to settle for a hand job. The account seems pretty honest as the couple eventually discusses motives for other people cheating. It was also interesting to see how incredibly different each perceives the situation and the compromising that happens. Overall a sad, but good and interesting read.

The photo spread is of couples in love kissing. I particularly like the cover photo. It’s an extreme close up of two mouths kissing, but on first faraway glance it could be all sorts of body parts in compromising positions.

NY Mag just arrived. Photo by JD.

The only thing that was missing, as one person commented on the site, was the topic of asexuality. Either way, I say pick up a copy and read it on the crowded subway while a stranger reads over your shoulder.

Oh yes, and it has recipes for making all sorts of gazpacho to keep you cool during the summer… I’m reading this solely for the recipes.

– JD

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