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REVIEW: New play Cocktales challenges sexual norms

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New play Cocktales explores sexual norms. Photo by JD.

If a nymphomaniac falls in the woods among other nymphomaniacs, is she still considered a nymphomaniac? After all, if all women’s sex drive is as high as hers, then a high sex drive is simply considered normal, no?    Continue reading

(One-night Stand Special) TRADE SCHOOL: One-night stand etiquette.

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Post It

So the last post got me thinking: Is there a way to have a successful one-night stand? What constitutes “successful one-night stand?” And how do you remedy it if it’s not going your way? Continue reading

MIX TAPE: Sex on Fire

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Only by Night, the latest Kings of Leon album.

Only by Night, the latest Kings of Leon album.

We’re guessing most songs with the word “sex” in the title will be good songs to have sex to. Continue reading