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REVIEW: New play Cocktales challenges sexual norms

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New play Cocktales explores sexual norms. Photo by JD.

If a nymphomaniac falls in the woods among other nymphomaniacs, is she still considered a nymphomaniac? After all, if all women’s sex drive is as high as hers, then a high sex drive is simply considered normal, no?    Continue reading

(Orgasm Special) SEXcapades: Female Ejaculations

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Another SEXcapade by one of our Globosexual readers!

In honor of Globosexuals’ Orgasm Week, we bring you a very personal account of Female Ejaculations by Stephanie, a 26-year-old financial advisor from Texas. Thank you Stephanie for this very detailed – and encouraging – account.  Brace yourself readers, it’s a long one-but worth every sentence.

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